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Welcome to arttiee screen.jpeg
Welcome to arttiee screen.jpeg

How Arttiee Works

Personalized Experience

Arttiee provides users with the unique ability to Track the School Bus in Real - Time 

right from your mobile device. Providing

a live view of the School Bus Location:

  • In the morning

  • In the afternoon

  • On it's way to school


User - Friendly

Manage and view all of your children's routes within one convenient application, no matter their grade level or the amount of children.

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Why Arttiee

Why Arttiee?


Children will no longer waste time waiting outside, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Peace of Mind

Arttiee perfectly suits any parent who leaves for work before their child gets on the bus; by allowing parents to track the school bus from anywhere.

Less Stress

Mornings can be hectic, especially when you are attempting to get your little ones ready for school, due to the uncertainty of the buses' location.

Who are we?

Our Mission

Arttiee has set out to provide K-12 schools with a smarter, simpler, and more efficient solution to bridge the gap of uncertainty between parents, students, and the school’s transportation system. Thus, creating a unique user-experience for each of our users.

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